Half Way to Awakening

Half way up – the road to awakening

Very often it is that people mentally easily realize the truth in “ I am not my  thoughts  nor  my feelings“ but then they often think that the journey is over, that this is „true enlightenment“  and the end of the search. An enlightening EXPERIENCE is only an experience in time and in space  even if it is experienced as time-and spaceless, but it is not  the final end of awakening , the end of all points of view, of all suffering and of  „knowing without doubt“. 

You should never stop, before this is reached and realized on all levels of BEING. 

Body, mind, emotion and spirit. Do not get stuck „half-way-up“. 

Awakening is never a „process“, it hits like fire and „you“ are all over-forever. 

If not ..the Ego has played with you..the sweet game of illusion -Leela.. 

Namaste. and peace to all beings.